7 Ways To Prepare The Day Before The Tech Interview



7 Ways To Prepare The Day Before The Tech Interview

Before anything else you should equip yourself before the day of the Tech Interview:

  1. Take time to Read The Company/Employer’s website Back to Front, Upside Down, In All the Niches and Crevices

You should devote as much time on it as you do on Facebook in 1 week. Follow all the links of the company, who are they relating with, what are they speaking about, what ventures are they functioning on?

If you find out that they have a blog, read it, what are they talking about? What are they involved with? What are their ideas?

You may stalk their Tweets, Facebook updates, Linkedin status – probably what are they saying on social media?

Add them, Follow them, and like their posts.

Look for five things that interest you. So when the day of the interview is in, and when you find out that it’s appropriate, you may share about what you found out on their website. And  Say you stumble on it. Can the information you knew be turned into questions? See tip #2!

  1. You Should Prepare Questions

Get to make 5 of them at the minimum. Remember not about the salary one or the holidays.

Ready the job description, personal requirement or any other material you have and look if you can discover something in those to write extremely, awesome questions.

Also, think like you are the interviewer. What would you be asked about the tech interview?

Now go back to the job description or personal requirement and ask yourself, what difficulties are they trying to resolve with this position?

  1. Make an Ocular Inspection Where the Interview Is Being Held (if you can)

Without looking like a creepy stalker, get a feel for the building (if you can get in). Check out the ambience.

Where the employees are going for lunch break and coffee? Get a real sense of the place.

Try this: make pals with the reception department. You may tell them you are coming for an interview and want to get a feel for the place. You can ask what their interview was like, they’ll tell you.

  1. Envision The Initial, Middle and End of the Interview

Contemplate of all the things that may put you of your step: a handshake, a not so friendly smile, stares from the interview panel?

See them as they are occuring and then make yourself ‘mentally’ prepared of how you will successfully manage and respond. Then, see yourself after the interview, get a picture and feeling of how you are going to leave. Play it over and over again.

  1. Prepare Answers for Your Awkward Questions Ahead

Some of may say ‘what if they ask me about that’, usually they’re referring to a gap, perhaps a role that didn’t last because they hated it, or a personal time in their life that they aren’t comfortable talking about.

You need to be prepared. If you have any nervousness over what you might be asked, you can get ready for it.

Contemplate on questions you don’t want to be asked and ready your answers. Play them in your mind. Make sure your reply is honest, yet still would have no reflection on the role you are applying for. It won’t will it? There is no question that you cannot answer!

Most probably you have a few ‘personal’ toughies that aren’t covered anywhere online! Ask someone to listen to your response to your awkward question, and ask to give you feedback on your response.

  1. Get A Mock Interview

If you can afford it hire a career coach to run through a mock interview with you, then do it. If you’re low paid or not working at the moment, do a little research and look for organizations in your local area who provide that offer services (start with your local volunteer group).

Mock interviews are a great opportunity to iron out any sticky points, plus get feedback on presentation skills, how you came across, what did an answer sound like, was it good enough, did you say enough etc.  A decent ‘mock interview’ will feel like the real deal.

  1. Imagine that You’re Nearly There

About those anxieties, you’ve earned the right to be there, please remember that.

The company want to meet you, think on that for a subsequently. They already think that you might be suitable for the role, they came to this conclusion through your CV or Application Form (however you got in the door). So you’re half way there.

If you believe what you wrote, then you know that you only have to live up to what you said.

Yes, you’ll probably have rivalry. And that’s good, right? If you were interviewing you want to have a choice, wouldn’t you?

Write a list of your key strengths before your interview. When they ask you ‘do you have any questions’ (which they will), it’s perfectly fine to say ‘I just wanted to leave you with a few of my strengths and where you could use them‘ and tell them.

The first impression is mega necessary, the lasting impression is the one that sticks.

Guidance and preparation is key, so grab a copy of Mike Reinhardt’s book, “Inside the Tech Interview“.

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