Judging others matter a lot and following are the results of years of reputation that I have made among my fans and near and dear ones –

“As a contractor, I have been on a lot of job interviews and always dreaded them. Mike’s system made it not only easier to tackle the process, but also helped me stay calm and do my best. I would recommend it to anyone. It worked for me it can work for you too.”

-Irina Berger, Professional Software Engineer in test

“I recently graduated with my masters in computer science. I was coming from a different industry and the software interview process was a complete mystery to me. Mike’s training not only helped me understand what it would be like, but also helped me have the tools and practice I needed to feel confident in the process. Whether you are new or just need a better understanding of how high tech interviews work, I highly recommend his methods.”

-David Hunn, MS in Computer Science

“… Mike provided me the encouragement to gain the confidence I needed to be a successful interviewee, but he also provided me with the tools to dissect the problem, organize my thoughts, and accurately present the answer. His guidance showed me a way around the typical fear that comes with the interview process which made me a better candidate during interviews and generally, a better engineer. I am very grateful for both his mentoring and continued friendship beyond the process.”

-Shawn Schoenrock, Software Engineer, and Manager

“… I have experienced Mike’s tech interview skills dozens of times from every side in large and small companies. Mike knows exactly what goes into giving and passing a successful technical interview. He is extraordinarily gifted, kind, and thorough with nervous interviewees. To this day, he can remember what I did well in my interviews and his advice to me on how to improve led to multiple lucrative job offers… I have been waiting for years for him to write this book, and I’m glad for all of you that he finally has. Listen to Mike, and your tech interview success will soar!”

-Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack is CEO of Fizzmint

“I have worked with Mike on a number of projects and services through our careers. During this time Mike has shown a great aptitude for solving the hard problems while fostering a supportive and constructive development environment. These skills and approach make Mike a great person to work with and learn from.”

-Jason Graf, Engineering Manager, Project manager

“I’ve known Mike and relied on him as a trusted advisor and broad technical contact for more than 15 years in the software industry. Mike has a proven record of excellence in software development and technology and he has experience working with a variety of different technical roles. Throughout my career, Mike has personally helped me prepare for, and get several key positions using his advice and preparation techniques. His insight, comprehensive analysis of situations and straight forward, organized approach make him an excellent mentor and interview preparer.”

-Trevor White, Engineering Manager